There are many more to add to this list, but here’s a start at ways we might know we are in the midst of a faith shift.

which do you connect with?  what would you add? 

  • i haven’t picked up my Bible in a long time and don’t have any desire to.
  • i have a strong negative reaction to words and phrases that used to bring me comfort and peace (like certain phrases, bible passages, worship songs, etc.)
  • i have experienced a significant shift in my theology or faith perspective and find myself feeling disoriented and unsure.
  • i find myself swearing more than i ever have sworn in my life.
  • i feel sad, angry, afraid, lost, and disoriented after a painful church experience.
  • i have lost friends and significant relationships because of my shifting faith.
  • i secretly worry that God is angry and disappointed with me.
  • i feel angry, betrayed, or abandoned by God.
  • i am afraid I’m on the spiritual slippery slope and have no idea if i’ll survive the landing.
  • any passion i once had for my spiritual life now feels dead.
  • i sometimes wonder if God exists at all.
  • i have lost respect for my pastors and leaders and no longer trust their leadership or authority.
  • i feel bored and tired every time I go to church and find myself only going through the motions.
  • i stopped going to church all together because I couldn’t take it anymore.
  • i feel scared that if I share some of these doubts and concerns out loud, I will be judged, scripturized, or ostracized.
  • i feel stifled, limited, and unvalued in my gifts and passions.
  • i worry that if I disconnect from church my kids will miss out on developing their faith so I keep going for them.
  • since leaving church, I have felt so much better.

if some of these resonate, read on.