the refuge

Printthrowing parties. sharing stories. finding hope. practicing the ways of Jesus as best we can.

We started the refuge in 2006 with a pile of dreams for an inclusive, healing, faith community that valued generosity, equality, justice, and beauty. i always say we’re “part-church, part-social-service-agency, part-family”.

here’s a little taste from our website:

what we believe (so far):

  • Jesus meant everything he said
  • the Bible is in places hard to understand and even harder to apply
  • that believing is sometimes difficult
  • the more we learn of and experience God, the more questions we have
  • miracles happen, sometimes quickly, but mostly they are so slow in coming
  • we need each other
  • it is our responsibility to advocate for and tangibly love the poor, marginalized, and oppressed
  • in equality and dignity for all regardless of sex, race, socioeconomic status, or a myriad of other things that typically cause us to power up on others
  • we are embarrassed by how the word “Christian” is perceived in the world today and we are sorry for our part in that
  • that mostly people need to be loved, not just told they are
  • church is messy

“if you want to know what a person believes, watch what they do” – brennan manning

if you’re ever in denver, come hang out with us!

we are also always in need of outside support to keep doing what we are doing. we operate on a shoe-string budget and the needs far outweigh the resources. if you’d like to contribute to our work, you can send a check to the refuge at po box 6805, broomfield CO 80020 or donate one-time or monthly.  know that every donation is tax-deductible and is such an encouragement to us!