faith shift (coming 2014)

we're not crazy

really exciting news around here that i’m happy to finally get to share.  i received the final signed contract to write faith shift: hope for spiritual refugees, church burnouts, and freedom seekers (that’s the working title) for convergent books, a new random house imprint!  

it’s a long crazy story how it all came about but they approached me last year right as i started the rebuilding after deconstructing series with some hopes for a project together. i felt honored at the prospect and a little scared, too, because i have had some weird publishing experiences and am in the thick of things with the crazy work of the refuge & all these kids.

yet, after that series ended & i saw what it stirred up, i knew i wanted to make it into something more comprehensive & accessible, with real and raw stories and tangible possibilities to help people navigate through these crazy shifts. so many of us have unraveled but have become very lost when it comes to resurrecting something new.

in the fall of 2012 the editors and i began working through what that might look like and this book is what emerged.

it makes me smile whenever i think of it.

it’s for spiritual refugees, who have somehow shifted in what we believe and lost our certainty, our churches, and all kinds of other things.

it’s for church burn-outs, who are done with the same old same old but don’t know how to intersect with God & faith & community in a new way because there are so few options or guides.

and it’s for freedom-seekers, those who are done feeling stuck & bound & caged by the system and long for a free-er and more active faith.

i am all three of these.

and i am always in need of hope & ways to keep moving toward love.

faith shifts are hard, but so much new life can come out of them.