events & classes

i love to be with people in real life and online in more intentional spaces.

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FALL 2015

faith shift processing parties / 
san diego faith shift processing party october 2015

san diego, CA / tuesday october 27th, 6:30pm – details here

houston, TX / tuesday january 26th, 7pm at st. aidan’s episcopal church

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other events/ 

  • tacoma catholic worker – november 2-4th 2015 / roundtable discussions open to all on monday november 2nd & november 3rd (welcoming pain & vulnerability: connecting through our shared weakness, cultivating empathy through the enneagram & nonviolent communication, extending love, mercy and compassion: restoring dignity to others, diffusing power: becoming more inclusive, pursuing justice through deeper listening).  all details here
  • theology pub – everett, WA / 7:30pm, with our common table. the theology of losing you theology. details here.
  • denver faith and justice pre-conference – november 6th 2015. details here

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walking wounded: hope for those hurt by church online class /


one of my most favorite things is to create a space for healing and transformation. my ideal is always to gather together in-real-life, but since that’s not always possible, my friend phyllis mathis & i have created walking wounded: hope for those hurt by the church to bring people together from across the world in a safe, challenging space to process hard stuff about church, ministry, and the grief of faith shifts together.

we don’t have a date yet for 2016, but will let you know as soon as we do.