faith shift: finding your way forward when everything you believe is coming apart (convergent books).

hope for spiritual refugees, church burnouts and freedom seekers.

here are the details. i hope it makes it in all the right hands and hearts.

Faith Shift


down we go: living into the wild ways of Jesus (civitas press, 2011), inspiration and challenge for ecclesial dreamers, church burn-outs, missional practitioners, and ordinary people  who want to live the ways of Jesus in practice. based on the idea of living into the beatitudes, this book explores what it means to follow Jesus down into the hard places of suffering, inequality, and injustice in order to cultivate, hope, beauty, justice, equality, generosity and healing.

here’s a short excerpt:

“the dream of living out the upside-down ways of Jesus is in our hearts, but many don’t know how to make “what could be” really be. we need practical, tangible ideas to make dreams reality. we need to hear how it can work, from people on the margins and practitioners living in the trenches. we need real stories of practice that will fan our hopes and dreams for justice, mercy, equality, and healing in the kingdom of God into flame. down we go fleshes out practicing the ways of Jesus in action, personally and through life in community.”

available in paperback or kindle

come with me, an invitation to break through the walls between you and God (with elaine hamilton, discovery house press 2002)

this is a nifty spiritual direction tool that explores our distortions about God and helps create a space to interact with God, ourselves, our stories.

refresh: sharing stories, building faith (with laura greiner, new hope publishing 2007).

this is an interactive Bible study and spiritual direction tool for women.  it’s in a really lovely magazine format & each chapter explores real women’s struggles related to self-image, fear, relationships, depression, etc.

books i’ve contributed to:

the practice of love (edited by jonathan brink, civitas press, released may 2011).

this collaborative project includes over 40 men and women writing on the practice of loving God, others, ourselves, and our enemies.  2 of my pieces are includes in loving God and loving ourselves.

banned questions about the Bible (by christian piatt, chalice press, 2011).

this collaborative project includes a wide range of difficult questions about the Bible with responses from a diverse group of pastors and leaders.


taking flight: restoring the female half of God’s image through advocacy & renewal (edited by cynthia lagrou & caleb seeling, published by samizdet, 2010).  this collaborative project is a collection of 17 male & female voices centered on living in right relationship with each other through forms of mutual submission and blended authority, based on gifting and humility which restores dignity, achieves balance, an empowers all.   my chapter is based on one of my favorite blog posts–why we need mothers & fathers & sisters & brothers & daughters & sons.