listening in on some faith shift conversations.

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hope begins in the dark

Some of you may already know about The Work of the People and the interesting and beautiful material they have.  Interviews, visual liturgies, and all kinds of other awesomeness abound on their site. If you don’t subscribe yet, it’s so worth it.  There is so much beauty and hope packed in there! My personal favorites are the Jean Vanier pieces, and we’ve used the visual liturgies for different Refuge gatherings over the years.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago on Facebook, in September I spent some time gabbing with my friend Travis Reed, founder and filmmaker of The Work of the People. I had no idea what he would do with our rambles, but he pulled them all together into a little faith shifting series.

Here’s a link list of all the videos. 

A lot of you have already seen the first one–Faith Shift: How do we find our way forward when everything we once believed comes apart? 

We talked about all kinds of things related to faith that day, too, and they are each on different videos:

  • Hearing the CallWhen our faith unravels, we lose a lot, but death is part of resurrection. This one is really part 2 of the first one and centers on Unraveling.
  • Holding Onto Power: All roads lead to power, and that’s why we need to talk about it.  I am so glad that he focused one video specifically on power, a topic that is hard to talk about but that we need to address. Misused power is often a catalyst for faith shifts, too, and we are going to be talking all about it this weekend at the Denver Faith and Justice Conference.
  • Signs of Life: What happens when our old spiritual tricks stop working but we’re desperate for signs of Life?  For me, one of the hardest things about rebuilding faith after so much unraveled was how to find ways to connect with God again.

I’ve already shared here how freaking vulnerable the past few weeks have felt, so adding more to the mix isn’t really my favorite thing.  At the same time, I hope listening into conversations like this help others keep processing their shifting faith in whatever ways are helpful.

If you watch them, I’d love to hear anything they stir up for you.  Your stories & reflections always bring me hope.

peace, kathy