to capitalize or not to capitalize…

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capital letters

with violence pervading the world and a countless number of important topics to be processing together, i feel a little bad that i am using this space today to talk about capital letters.

but, alas, i am.

as you all know, i don’t use them. when i started this blog 6+ years ago, i had been writing in lower caps for almost 4 years already and i just wanted to keep everything consistent and the most “me” as possible.

at the same time, over the years i know it has driven some people crazy. and i do, indeed, know how to use capital letters (i just don’t like them, ha ha). when i write for other publications or in my other part-time job as an adjunct professor online, i have to tow the line and am used to using them when necessary.

i have been on a blog break for almost 2 months now and am really looking forward to coming back next week. however,  before i do, i wanted to get some quick input first.

for the first time in over 6 years, i am really open to the idea of moving to caps here if it helps readers.

because i prefer lower case, i don’t want to make that change if my data is off or it really doesn’t matter. so i have a little poll for you to give your two cents so i can decide what feels best. if you are willing, please take a few minutes and offer your input on the poll below & submit your results:  to capitalize…or not to capitalize.  there is no place on the poll for comments, so feel free to also leave any comments in the comments section.

i look forward to the results!

i also am excited to be back next monday; it’s been an awesome summer, though, and i have loved having a break. enjoy your long end of summer weekend and thanks for reading & taking time to share.

peace, kathy


would you prefer posts on this blog to be capitalized or not?

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