formation friday: go to beautiful

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i thought i’d mix it up a little this week for formation friday with a video reflection instead of using words. i love this song and sometimes it’s nice to just look & listen instead of read & think.

beauty is God’s image reflected in all kinds of wonderful & simple ways.  so often, it’s easy to miss beauty right before us. we’re busy. we’re tired. we’re lonely. we’re stressed. we’re _______(fill-in-the-blank).  those things are realities of life, but if we’re not careful, we can miss the beauty of the here & now that helps sustain us.

my hope for us this formation friday is that we’d tune our hearts & eyes & ears toward noticing beauty.

that we’d go to beautiful, even in the midst of the ugly. 

it looks different for each of us. what’s beautiful for one person isn’t the same thing as another. that’s what i love about our uniqueness–and God’s vastness.

the other night we were watching the last lord of the rings together, all 7 of us, on our 10 year old cruddy TV.  i looked at the kids, two piled up on one small couch, two more on the floor laughing together about something they saw on facebook, the other snuggled up in a blanket, jose & i squeezed onto the other couch.  it made me smile.  i thought to myself “no one else would think this is as beautiful as i do but it sure is.”

God reveals beauty in so many ways.  may we have eyes to see it.   

have a great weekend!  peace, kathy