formation friday: bread from heaven

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blog formation friday bread from heavenlast week, the day after i realized the refuge was so low on funds, i woke up depressed. in a fog, just weirded out and tired. right now we have several mommies who are either homeless or on the verge of it and it’s just complicated. on saturday morning, i dropped off the twins at their football game early and checked my emails while i was in the parking lot. in working on trying to find a possible temporary housing solution for one woman, i had done an eleventh hour ask of an old friend of jose & i’s who care a lot about widows and orphans. it felt really random because we hadn’t crossed paths for a few years, but i knew i was running out of options and maybe it would open another door.  the email that morning said “we have some room in one of our houses for them, and they can stay here no problem.”  i broke down crying in the car, and it makes me cry now when i write it again.

God hasn’t brought us tons of money in the past 6 years, but what God has given us is provision after provision after provision. small little ways that he is saying, “i won’t let you sink. i’m here. it’s hard but we’ll get through this. i’m taking care of you.”  and God has taken care of us, of me.  every.single.time. not how i necessarily have wanted or envisioned it.  not in the ways i have cried out for. not in the ways i was sure he should have.

it reminds me of the israelites and the 40 years in the wilderness.  i can so relate to them in all their fear & grumbling & longing-for-what-they-thought-was-the-easier-way.  but God provided manna.  it came. every day. bread from heaven. sustenance.  reminders they were not abandoned.

psalm 78:24 says:  “he rained down manna for them to eat, he gave them bread from heaven”.

manna isn’t just white fluffy stuff.  it’s God’s provision in all kinds of wild & beautiful & freaky ways that remind us that we’re loved, we’re being cared for, we’re not alone.  

these reminders are bread from heaven. 

my friend getting a safe place to live for the next month was bread from heaven.  

love and support and kind words over this past week has been bread from heaven.

someone randomly slipping me some cash to give another mommy in need has been bread from heaven.

jose cracking through the seriousness and making me laugh has been bread from heaven.  

they are reminders that God is here. God is near. God is feeding me  manna.  and i’m grateful.

so here are a few questions for formation friday:

  • what would it look like if we re-framed manna far beyond physical provision to “ways that remind us we’re loved, we’re being cared for, we’re not alone?”
  • what are some different kinds of bread from heaven, no matter how big or small, we’re receiving during this season?  

God, help us notice your provision in creative ways, your bread from heaven that strengthens and sustains us.

i’d love to hear what manna’s looking like for you these days.  have a great weekend.  peace, kathy