well-behaved women won’t change the church

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Off Road Adventure Traffic Signtoday i have a post up at ed cyzewski’s blog as part of his women in ministry series.  it’s called well-behaved women won’t change the church.  it was so fun to write this one!

here’s a little excerpt:

Well-behaved women won’t change the church.

We just won’t.

Well-behaved women will keep the wheels spinning on systems that keep working, keep growing, keep moving. We will do good and honorable work that matters and helps people and makes a difference in our communities.

But we won’t change the church.

Some people think the church doesn’t need changing; they’re fine with the way things are because it works for them. But I think there a lot more of us out here than even we ourselves know–passionate women who believe the body of Christ needs much more than a face-lift to become all it’s meant to be.

i hope you’ll go over there to read the entire post & you can share any thoughts there or here.

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have a great weekend.  much peace & hope, kathy