insecure christians & piles of other posts

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hey friends, today i have a guest post up at my friend rachel held evan’s rockin’ blog.  it’s called insecure christians so go check it out!  you can comment there or here, if you want.  i’d love to hear your thoughts as this is a subject near and dear to my heart, and i believe wholeheartedly that “the spiritual journey is to uncover God’s image that was originally placed there.” 

also, this weekend i added a link to my blog of posts i wrote for communitas collective over 2009-2011, most of which were never clearly posted on my blog as a separate post.  if you’re really bored, check them out here. this fall i have also had a the privilege of being part of sheloves magazine, writing a monthly column fleshing out some of the ideas from down we go. you can check out the posts i’ve written so far here.

the advent synchroblog is this week, too, if you want to be part.  we are partnering with christine sine this year, who posts almost every day during the advent season and has an open invitation to participate.  her new book–waiting for the light–a collection of advent reflections, is now on sale, too.  i’m honored to be part.

happy thanksgiving week to each of you.

thanks for reading!  peace, kathy