giving, receiving.

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thanks, all, for the prayers and love. it’s been quite a week but i am happy to say that i am writing this blog post sitting at my kitchen table, yeah!  i have a nifty little pillow & still can’t sit for more than 30 minutes at a time but after 7 full weeks of not being able to really sit at all, that’s heaven!

one thing is clear:  the road to full healing is long, slow, and terribly annoying. this journey has been a very good metaphor for me in more ways than one.  you see, i like “fast.”  i am not very tortoise-like.  and i think there’s a big message in that story that i need to remember, not just in my personal life but also in the life of my community & all of the other projects that i am involved in.  there are so many things that i continue to learn through this big, wacky, unexpected detour of 2010; i know i’ll never really be able to articulate them properly, but i know over time they will unfold.

for now, i thought i’d just share this podcast that i was part of yesterday for communitas collective with erik guzman, the merry monk.  it was so embarrassing, i was totally late.  yikes, that was bad. and so me.  i got the time wrong.  it was a fun conversation about “helping people.”  as you all know, i have really strong feelings about relationships being two way, not one.  and no question, that is easier said than done, especially when giving is often so much easier than receiving.   it’s also another reminder of how hard it is to live in the paradox of two very different things existing at the same time.

anyway, i hope you enjoy listening in & would love to hear any of your thoughts.

have a great thanksgiving. my son’s coming home from college this afternoon after being gone since the end of june.  we’re all so excited!  and this thanksgiving, i have a lot to be thankful for, that’s for sure.

peace & hope & love to each of you.

“gratitude is the art of painting adversity into a lovely picture” – kak sri.

listen to the podcast here:

  • communitas collective podcast 11.23.10 “helping friends in hard places”