mrs. claus reminds us to “feel your boobies”

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thanks, everyone, for the love & prayers.  it did cheer me up.  unfortunately i do have a ruptured disc & am now in the process of figuring out what to do next.  i have a surgery consult but meanwhile am going to keep working at physical therapy & some other alternatives to surgery and see what happens. i really appreciate your prayers.  i have an amazing community & fabulous friends & family & am so grateful.  i told jose the other night, “i used to dream of winning the lottery or moving to the beach in coronado or taking an around-the-world trip for a year. now i just dream of being able to sit in a chair for longer than 5 minutes again.” it’s interesting how things change.

also, this whole back thing comes on the heels of a breast cancer scare this summer where i had to go through a long, scary gaggle of tests for a suspicious lump. i am glad to say that i am “all clear.”  to get it checked out, i needed to be an advocate for myself  (and i had a few friends who pressured me, in a good way, to not ignore it).  breast cancer has affected so many people i know.  october is breast cancer awareness month & the refuge is participating in raising awareness & trying to win $10K for the work that we do.  some of you have met “mrs. claus” at our annual single moms events for the refuge & joshua station, our friends who provide transitional housing for families in denver.  if you haven’t, trust  me, she is a real piece of work.

well, she made a public service announcement for “feel your boobies.” you can vote for us every day from now until october 27th.  the PSA with the most votes wins $10,000. as you know, the refuge operates on a shoestring budget & we’d be so excited to be able to use this money on behalf of others.  thanks for your support & if you’re willing to pass it on to networks you’re connected to, it’s much appreciated.

check it out & vote here:

doing arctic circles with mrs. claus

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go watch it & come back here & comment on what you think of mrs. claus.  she is so naughty & mean to me (and santa) but she makes us laugh every year until we are crying.