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a few weeks ago–in a small spiritual formation group i participate in now and then–the facilitator started our time together by having each of us pull out one of these cards and reflect up on it for a while.  i’ve used these cards before in groups, and i must say it’s amazing what always seems to develop from these simple questions, phrases, and thoughts.

the card i randomly chose said:  trust. that’s all it said.  trust.

i spent some time reflecting on trust and was reminded yet again how important it is for me to draw on God’s faithfulness despite the ups and downs and wildness of my crazy life, the crazy life of so many around me.   i readily admit, sometimes it’s hard to trust.  God. people. myself.  they’re all tricky for me in different ways.  this exercise was helpful, though, because it opened up the space to reflect, to remember.  trust strengthens.  trust cultivates hope.  and there’s always room for a little more.

here’s what i wrote in the space there:


  • in the bigger story.
  • in possibility.
  • in the reality that God uses deep pain to bring healing.
  • in what is unseen.
  • in the paradoxes–beauty & ugly, dark &  light, violence & peace
  • in God working through all things, like all things
  • in the learning along the way
  • in not having to have a damn thing figured out.
  • in hope.
  • in beautiful hearts that are trying to learn & practice & try.
  • in the grass being greener, ha ha.
  • in the spiritual realm of things we never get to know.
  • that hate is not people’s true hearts.
  • that vulnerability is good, even though i don’t want to need as much as i do.
  • my gut.
  • the process, the journey, and dont’ worry about the end.
  • peace is possible in the midst of the wild.
  • i have enough people who have my back.
  • look forward, not back.
  • in gratitude and thankfulness.
  • in the reality that my way doesn’t mean the best way.
  • that God is trying to heal deep wounds.
  • listen and notice.
  • my feet on the ground.
  • the song that i sing.
  • God will be with my kids always.
  • God’s love is big enough, wide enough, deep enough for everybody.
  • God is smiling, too.
  • God likes me, likes us.
  • i need others.
  • God will never, ever, ever leave me, leave us.

that was just my heart dump in the moment. i’m glad i re-read it this morning.

if you want, give it a try, too.  let me know what gets stirred up.