wrestling with the word “christian” – a video conversation

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wrestling with the word christianwell, i’m going to take a risk here and mix it up a bit.  sometimes i think just-words-week-after-week-after-week get boring so i’d like to try some different textures on the carnival this year.  i’m going to experiment with video here and there, nothing edited or flashy or scripted; i definitely don’t have the time or energy for that.  i’ll admit, it feels kind of risky. video makes me much more vulnerable out here in the scary & often kind of weird world-wide-web.  it could be a disaster, who knows, but i thought i’d be brave and just try it.

i think sometimes it’s nice to listen in some others’  dialogue here and there to spark greater conversation & thought.  my friend john is one of my all-time favorite-people-to-talk-about-all-of-these-kinds-of-faith-things with.  he and his wife are part of our nutty little community & two of jose & i’s dearest friends; we spend a lot of time all over the map in conversations related to faith and life; every time we are together 3 or 4 hours seems like one. he is a good pot-stirrer, not afraid to tell it like he sees it.  depending on how this goes, i’d love to get some more of these conversations with him & others up here now and then.  he says out loud what a lot of people are starting to say in the quiet of their heart or in covert conversations at coffee shops & pubs.  so, here you go, a little unscripted unpredictable convo at my kitchen table.

watch it & share some of your thoughts, perspectives & questions & what it might stir up in you. there are no right or wrong answers here, just opinions & perspectives. only rule is be kind.