survival of the fittest

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well it was definitely an interesting week here at the carnival and i had no idea what a lovely little hornets nest would get stirred up.  or i guess i did kind of know but am always amazed at the passion that comes out in the wildest of ways.  i think the part that i have been most struck with is first of all how i wish we could have a conversation around a table instead of in this weird static way that makes it really hard. on this one i do believe there are no easy answers and i don’t pretend to have one.  but i think we’re supposed to think about these things.  and what they mean for us.  and what God is stirring up in how to respond, whatever that looks like.  none of us have the market cornered on God and so it can be very easy for each side to claim “well God says this and God says that” and we believe wildly different things.

one prevailing thought rose to the surface for me on this conversation.  it is related to how pervasive the culture of “survival of the fittest” is in our society, definitely including christian culture.  sure, lots of christians like to dis darwin but what has become a common notion of darwinism is played out very tangibly in our culture in more ways than we probably even think or recognize. self-protection, self-survival, self-made are all really strong values in our culture.   the strong, the powerful, the ones-who-can-somehow-figure-out-how-to-make-it-work will always “win”.

Christ’s incarnation & the powerful message that he not only taught but embodied reminds us that God’s economy was always supposed to be different.  right from the start, with the beatitudes & the sermon on the mount Jesus turned the world’s ways upside down and kept on going from there.

but i can’t help but think that so many of us have become so inculturated—subtly & directly–into the contemporary culture that we have actually made “christian values” match the world’s ways when it comes to money & stability & self-preservation. i know i do in many more ways than i’d probably like to admit.

anyway, i’d love to hear some of your thoughts very specifically:

  • what do you think of this idea of “survival of the fittest” in christianity?

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