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ah, life at the escobar house is always an adventure. it’s been a good season for all kinds of refuge community fun, we’re on our last week of summer before the kids go back to school & our wonderful friends from portland–ken loyd & jessica roye from home-pdx in portland just left.  they are seriously good for the soul.  when the kids go back to school i am always a little excited to get back in our groove of a little less chaos (i know some of you are chuckling right now at my wishful unrealistic thinking!)

meanwhile, i have been too busy to write any blog posts other than a couple here and there in my head while i’m driving, but i have a few pieces to maybe catch up on from verve, which is part of communitas collective and focuses on cultivating new forms of church.   check them out &  i’d love to hear some of your thoughts.

  • we have a dream
  • dreams are a lot prettier when they’re just dreams
  • the beginning of flesh and bones
  • wait, or jump…or jump, or wait
  • letting go is hard to do
  • “well, i’m here”
  • just good people living out what they love

also, we are continuing to cultivate voca femina and are seeing what can happen when a space is created for women to share their creativity and heart in an open and safe place.  issue #11 just posted, and you can check out pictures from our second denver share party on august 3rd here.  it was a beautiful evening filled with so many incredible women.

lastly,  i’ve been thinking a lot about the carnival and have a few fun ideas i want to try in the fall that i need to quit talking about and actually do.  stay tuned.   i have been wondering, though, if there are some specific topics or focuses or interviews or or questions that you’d love to see tossed around or more fleshed out. if you have any you want to pass on to me, leave a comment or shoot me an email.

thanks for reading, and soak in as much summer as you can!