i guess this is what you get when you let your kids jump on the coffee table

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yeah, we have a family friendly house. there’s lots of jumping and moving and ball bouncing and outside voices at casa del escobar.  our coffee table is sometimes a dance floor and even jose’s been known to pop up there now and then and shake his booty.  well, this is what you sometimes get when you let your kids jump on the coffee table:  the owie of all owies.  yesterday, jonas, one of the almost 9 year old twins, cut his leg, like seriously cut his leg when he fell through a broken tile on our well-used-and-seemingly sturdy coffee table.  of course, we all feel awful about it.

i was just heading to the store to get some benadryl for the dog (yes, to add just a teeny more stress to my not-so-great day, sadie must have gotten stung by a bee and broke out in hives) when i heard frantic, like really frantic screaming, from all 4 of the kids that were home, including my almost 15 year old daughter.  i got off the phone and ran inside, certain that maybe we had misdiagnosed the dog and she was overtaken by whatever was ailing her and had dropped dead on the kitchen floor.  surely that was the only thing that could merit that much screaming.  but i was met with a gushing wound, blood all over the floor, and hysterical children.  the calmest one:  jonas.

julia kicked into action, scooped him up and we headed to the emergency room.   of course, jose is on a trip this week to beijing (no joke, these things always happen when he is out of town, it has become almost comical).  it’s great having older kids who can help, our parents living nearby (my mom came & gave the dog a bath and placated jonas’ distraught twin brother) and the dear refuge family who came to the hospital and passed on all kinds of love & laughs to jonas.  it really was so sweet & the emergency room assistant had to ask the nurse “did that little guy have a more serious accident than we thought because he sure has a lot of concerned visitors???”  i am always reminded just how lovely our friends are.  and jonas was truly amazing through it all, communicating better with everyone than most grownups can.  well after x-rays & ooing and awing and cringing & cleaning and numbing, he got stitched up and we headed home, exhausted.

today, the dog’s better.  i woke up this morning after on-and-off sleep for both jonas & i and realized that once again i failed as the tooth fairy (to top it all off, jared lost one of his teeth while we were gone).  jonas is home from school, mighty sore, and i am cancelling my day.  the coffee table will now be used for coffee. not dancing.

ps: i spared you all having to see pictures you definitely don’t want to see, but if you’re one of those people who are kind of into gore, here is a picture.  we took one to send to daddy’s phone so he knew what was going on.  warning, it’s REALLY ugly, and i wouldn’t open it if i were you, but jonas thought it would be cool to share.