me + movies = happy

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i have said before, i really, really love the movies! it’s a way i connect with God & life and is my most favorite escape. well, this summer i set a little goal to watch as many movies as i possibly could for the next few months and to not feel guilty about it.  this will be a more relaxing summer than usual.  with 5 kids at home, jose studying for the bar (he takes it on july 31st), and the refuge foundation a little more solid, i decided to limit my schedule a bit and be a little more chill for the next 10 weeks (we have the shortest summer ever, my kids go back to school august 12th this year!).  i haven’t really watched TV in years so i decided to make up for all that lost time–from memorial to labor day it’s my summer movie marathon…  

here’s what i’ve seen so far.  yeah, 11 movies in less than 2 weeks…decadent, fun, and good for my soul!

1. indiana jones & the kingdom of the crystal skull – jose, josh and i snuck away for a morning matinee the day after it came out. we liked it, just good ol’ indiana jones fun

2. the station agent – got the recomendation from brian & tracy. we really liked it. very simple & sweet.  our favorite character was joe, the guy who ran the snack truck.  his longing for connection & for friendship was the cutest thing.  and of course patricia clarkson was amazing.  it was a sundance film festival winner & i hope to watch as many of those as i can.

3. prince caspian – we all went to see this one, the whole fam.  it was great, loved it.  still thinking about so many scenes…better than any sermon or church service hands down.  

4. into the wild – wow, that was intense.  excellent music, too. i had been wanting to see this for a long time. disturbing on so many levels and such a telling example that without people to share life with, it just doesn’t work.

5. enchanted – cute!  amy adams was great and i thought it was so well done for a kids movie.

6. the squid and the whale – oh boy, i would never in a million years tell anyone to watch this movie. it was so disturbing, my jaw was locked and my stomach was tight the entire time and i was yelling out loud at jeff daniels because his character was such a jackass.  the unfortunately too-real-and-raw story of a family experiencing divorce and the fallout to the two children was just a little bit too intense for me.  i saw it with my dear friend who loves movies like i do and we both felt a little sick.  i must admit, the acting was amazing. 

7.  once – so sweet, so good.  only reason it got rated R is for the f word. loved the story & the music and the simplicity and the beautiful story being told underneath. 

8. ps: i love you – julia and i watched that together (she’s my 14 year old).  i got sucked in.  we cried. it made me want to write notes to jose and all my kids just in case i die suddenly…

9. what about bob –  “i need, i need, i need, gimme, gimme, gimme”  so funny on so many levels.

10. reign on me – wow, that was a tough one, but i love don cheadle & it really came together.  no way not to cry at certain moments when he is telling his story & i think it illustrated the power of community, believing in what others can’t see and staying in even when it’s tough.

11.  must love dogs – i always love john cusak & once in a while a good ol’ sappy romantic comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

well, there you have it, my 2 week recap.  i am not sure if i should be embarrassed or proud???  i have to say, wish i could have the same commitment to working out & eating right, ha!   next up:  the namesake, charlie bartlett & we’ll re-watch the great debaters together as a fam.  going to see the visitor & iron man at the theater.  any great recommendations, send them my way!