there was an old lady who lived in a shoe…

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there have been 9 kids at the escobar house the past 6 days!  we’ve been watching our friends 4 kiddos while they are in central america on a ministry networking trip.   it is pretty funny because honestly, once you tip over the edge like we have with 5 of our own, throwing a few more into the mix isn’t that big of a deal.  you hardly even notice.   my twins are 8, though, so it’s been a while since i’ve had to think about sippy cups and diapers and naps and the ridiculously short hours of preschool where 1/2 of the time is just spent driving back and forth.   the whole thing has been pretty fun, actually, really good sitcom material, trust me.  i am thankful for flexible kids who are used to fending for themselves, gogurts, burger king drive-thrus, refuge friends who don’t mind meeting at chick-fil-a playplaces, and my fantabulous partner-in-the-craziness husband jose who equally shares the load of running the escobar household no matter how many kids are in it with style & grace. 

it was a great week, it’s going to feel pretty quiet around here now, ha!