springtime for a church

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one of the things that is fun about life in blog-land is there are so many cool people out here, thinking new thoughts, digging deeper, longing for change in the kingdom, communicating their hearts in different ways.  the random connections & ways that things get stirred up is always so wild to me.  anyway,  i wanted to share a beautiful poem that jpoetic wrote, partly inspired by a recent post here, a community where men cry:

Springtime for a Church

The ground beneath our church is frozenit can only be melted 

by the tears of the men. 

Only when liberals and conservatives embrace 

will the icy soil of our foundation 

turn again to clay. 

When women step up to the pulpit 

and men to the front of the Sunday school room 

and the children worship with grown-ups 

shaking geothermal maracas and tambourines loudly 

When the elders 

in their musty board room 

stop trying to please people 

and start trying to please God 

then new life emerges 

from thawed, healed earth.

j. ted vogt

may new life continue to come…

ps: i also wanted to let you know about karl wheeler’s entrance into blogland with his new blog–i’m a crappy christian.    some of his old refuge posts are up there and are so worth reading; he’s so funny and i know his blog will make us laugh and think about christian and church craziness in all kinds of new ways.