a newborn baby blog is born!

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blogging is the weirdest thing. i never even knew it existed 1 1/2 years ago, but reading them has helped me more than i would have ever imagined.  out here in cyberspace i have discovered i am not crazy.  there are others who have changed, shifted, left behind, let go of old ways of doing church & faith & community, too.   i love blogging at the refuge, but it is a different kind of venue, a diversity of voices and a different format.  this year i thought i’d try to create a space that would allow me to say out loud in a more consistent & unedited way some of the things i’m wrestling with in terms of God & life & relationships.   i have no idea if anyone cares. it will be for me as much as anyone else, but i do hope that those who read here will find some comfort, too, knowing you are not alone, either.  you are not the only one doubting, questioning, wondering, healing, dreaming, fighting for freedom, seeking hope.   i will try to post sort of frequently (but no promises, i always have the 5 kids, husband in law school, crazy refuge life excuse).  please comment, it makes the whole thing so much less lonely!

ps: i downloaded all of the posts i have written from the refuge blog & xgcw (ex good christian women–yes, i am officially an “ex”) over this past year and a half but i deleted all of the comments since it wasn’t really fair to those who thought their comments would only be on the refuge site.  some of you have already read these posts but i figured it would be nice to have them all in one place!